Meri Classifieds Theme and templates were built to be an out-of-the box responsive solution, perfectly designed to work on an screen size. It doesn’t stop at responsive, mC  is fine-tuned to act appropriately in many different viewing environments.
Touch Swipe Navigation
Our Slider touch swipe navigation makes a wonderfully uniform feel similar to feel on iOS or Android devices. On desktop browsers touch swipe is deployed in an exceedingly similar manner, however controlled by mouse dragging.
Animated Layers
Creating stunning, interactive slides in an exceedingly snap with our Premium versions.With animated layers we can insert html page, videos, images, formatted text directly into every slide.
Super Smooth Transitions
mC provides super smooth and seamless transitions on all device and desktop browsers.
Parallax Effect
Build a stunning modern Parallax effects image slides.Three types of effects including: parallax with mouse, parallax with swipe or parallax with scroll.
YouTube and Vimeo Videos

Insert video layers using popular sharing services like YouTube, Vimeo and others! Animate or play mp4 video in background.

Slide Video Background
mC supports HTML5 self-hosted videos as slide backgrounds.Easily control your video backgrounds using different types of positioning methods and playback options such as loop, mute, unmute and apply overlay images and tints with ease.

Post Slider
Create a brilliant post sliders from any type of posts or custom posts.  Add dynamic content to each slide such as: Post Title, Post Author, Published Date and a lot more.
eCommerce Slider
Create dynamic eCommerce product sliders with just a few clicks Use hotspots to create engaging product demos.

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